by Belly Belt

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Belly Belt is Kate Feldmann of Muscle and Plane Crashes & Slow Dancing's latest and tightest incarnation as a psychedelic Casio-rap indie pop cheerleader.


released February 17, 2015

All tracks written, performed and mixed by Kate Feldmann.
My BF Brings Me All My Food beat by Soce the Elemental Wizard.
Mastered by Luke Tweedy for Flat Black Studios.
Art by Jennifer Hennesy and Kate Feldmann.




Public School Records Los Angeles, California

Independent record label. There will be hip hop, pop punk, alt rock and indie pop from artists like Coolzey, Lipstick Homicide, Copywrite and Belly Belt. Jason lives in Iowa. Zach lives in Los Angeles.

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Track Name: It's Gunna Be So Much Fun
I feel it coming on
It's gunna be so much fun
I'm gunna write so many songs
I'm gunna hide from everyone
I'm gunna cry all day long
I'm never gunna see the sun
I'm gunna hide from everyone
It's gunna be so much fun
I'm sewing my mouth shut
for the restriction but also for the pain
I ain't got nothing to say
This is how I wanna spend my day
Track Name: My BF Brings Me All My Food
He makes my dreams come true
and then he brings me all my food and cooks it too,
whoever knew
goes to the laundromat and then cleans up my room
my boyfriend- he brings me all my food
Yeah, man, it's whatever I can take
It takes me back to our very first date
I was delivering then he got a pizza
I got to his door and he said go ahead eat some
everyday after that it just kept getting better
the level after letting me wear his sweater
and when I get home and take that shit off my back
my boyfriend picks it up and puts it in the laundry bag
How does it get like that?
I can't believe I got a man like him,
I never knew I could
Sounds like he's got it bad
Bad for me, but you know that I'm always treatin' good
Mac and cheese it's whatever I please
I place my order extra lil smokies
he stirs it up, perfect consistency
not too much milk and not too much cheese
and you know that he's always bringing me drinks
Vodka on the rocks or a bowl of trees
He always knows just what I need
3 meals a day a little treat
He works so hard all day,
just to tell me everything will be okay
and I can play
and I can have it my way the sun shines every day
with every pizza pie he bakes
whoever knew,
goes to the laundromat and then meets me in my room.
Track Name: Consistency
It's my consistency that's why I hate you,
it's why I always have
because of your decisions not because you have no dad.
It's why my friends like each other
-sure they're all a little similar, too
Well, it's why they fall in love,
-don't go blaming yourself for that now
It's why I run away
-yeah right, you don't go anywhere
It's why now I have none
I can make friends, I've done it before
but then I fought with one so I lost all 4
I can do it again but I can already see
try or not, this is how I'll always be
I'll always be fake,
I'll always wear a weave,
and when I've had enough I'm gunna get mean
I'm gunna swing low and I'm gunna hit the ball
and it's gunna fly further than I'm ever gunna crawl
Things are weird right now but they might never change
If you don't like me now, you won't like me any way
cause my consistency has proven throughout the times that if I want something
I'm gunna make it mine
I'm gunna keep to myself and your help will be declined
I'll be all alone cause you can't read my mind
and the stress that I feel is wasting my time
and the stress is my life, why even try?
My consistency is warm and gooey,
my skin's a little thin
I like to cut it open to release the bugs within
It's why I'm always right
-sure you've been caught on the other side, too
It's why I take so long
-don't go blaming yourself for that now
It takes time for confrontation
-yeah right, you talk to nobody
to make sure I'm never wrong
Track Name: My Apartment Is Haunted
My apartment is haunted,
there are spirits in here that,
that just like any they don't know-
they're just living
they don't know they're dead
It's particular in one room so
so we just don't go in there
I'm gunna stay in my closet because
even if they make it through the room
there's no question that they're not welcome in here
I stopped caring if my clothes smell like weed, I'm just gunna smoke it in here
and I don't care if my clothes…
It works out cause my boyfriend likes to work out in the open
and I like to work in here and
it works out because, I never like to leave here.
and the spirits know that
that they aren't come in here cause I don't wanna
I don't mean them no harm
I don't mean them any harm
and if they make in the doors
they'll know you absolutely can't come in my closet cause look at it
it's mine
You can't…. ugh
This glass!
It belongs to one of them.
They'll haunt me until I never drink again
Track Name: Summer Song
Tell me you remember that summer air
Next time it comes we should take it in
and hold our breath and try and keep it as long as we can
The grass is green again and now we can walk again
It's not like that's stopped us before
I bet if we lived in a city that had a subway we'd take it all the time
We could take it to the park
or just to waste our money
I'm not a happy girl and I know you're not a happy girl so we should run away to Oregon after
killing all the people we have to pretend to be happy around
Put it in your cell phone
It's going to happen
Track Name: Beautiful Girl ft Coolzey
Where do you go, girl
and how you get so high?
I bet you sleep in the day girl
so you can stay out all night
Do you know the way you look, girl?
Of course you do
I see you look in the mirror
I see you pick out your shoes
I wanna steal a kiss and I'll hold you down for it
but when you protest it doesn't make much sense
I do my best not to hold you against your will
You keep hanging on the window sill
Out in the world no telling what you might find
Try and catch a predator- they're so unkind
Maybe one day I will let you out on your own
but for the time being I'm going to keep you home
Come over here girl, do you wanna smoke some weed?
It's just you and me, so pay attention to me
I bet you know, girl, you're such a beautiful girl
Track Name: Big and Round ft Googolplexia
Big and round
Big and round and juicy
Eat a lot of pizza
Oh, yeah, Italiano pizza
Pepperoni, mushroom, anchovies over pizza, mozzarella cheese and parmesan, too
Cheese, tomato sauce, doesn't matter what kind it it, MMM, good
Track Name: Bum 69
Anywhere you wanna go
take me there just get me home
Anywhere I wanna go
all you have to say is no
You have to go
Get me there and take me home
I'll give you all my money
All my money is yours
One time
me and Bum 69
we were doing just fine
then at the drop of a dime
she just turned around and died
and I didn't have the time
and I didn't know they guys
and that was one time it was me and Bum 69
Track Name: As Long As I'm Living
They keep fucking me over
Crimson and clover
that is, over and over
They literally followed me
and they got what they asked for
now as long as I'm kicking
I'm the enemy
and as long as I'm living
my baby you'll be
Track Name: Fatty Crack
Sometimes I feel so fat
I wish I was on crack
I wouldn't eat anything at all
and I'd feel so tall
Sometimes I feel so fat
I wish I was on crack
then my friends would thing I'm cool
Sometimes I feel so cool
no one understand my soul
so I don't' go anywhere at all and I feel so small
Sometimes I feel so cool
no one understand my soul
and my ego gets so big