Star Signs

by Starry Nights

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Caprikorn 01:48
I saw the cutest Caprikorn last night I turned on the L word and it was love at first sight She's too punk to ever wear a bra Voulez-vous coucher avec moi Katherine Moennig, what do you say We could get away, I could be your slave We could even listen to t.A.T.u. Or go a different route and put in Brody Dalle Cuz ya know that she's a Caprikorn too I don't wanna die never knowing why That we didn't end up in this lyfe Next lyfe I'll be your husband or your wife And I'll bake you lots of pies And I would trim your Bonsai There's lots of Caprikorns, Ricky Martin, Edgar Allan Poe But I like you the most Michelle Obama, Paula Deen, Davy Jones But I like you the most
Aquarius 02:17
What a delight the Aquarians are I wanna take all my favorites to the salad bar And start a band with Billie Joe on guitar And Yoko Ono rockin out on the chimes And Sonny Bono's hologram on the sicknasty rhymes And Sheryl Crow could rock the xylophone sometimes And Michael Jordan on the accordion And fronted by Alicia Keys and Ice-T But if there was just one hot plate Aquarius chosen to enslave us Goddess pray it's Geena Davis Geena Davis, I really think that she could save all of us She could flush Abe Lincoln's ghost down the toilet any day Geena Davis, she is the queen of all the Aquarians Sorry Oprah, sorry Ellen, Geena takes the cake Cuz she's so great, she's so great All my thermometers are gettin hotter Cuz I like Geena Davis a lotter What's a guy to do, would I look like a fool If I asked to be her husband in Beetlejuice 2 And if that didn't work then at least I could say I tried I can't sleep at night
Pisces 00:53
So many Pisces all across the world Half of them are boys the other half are girls It's 2 fishys swimming in harmony But we're just here to talk about celebrities Kurt Cobain, Chuck Norris, Drew Barrymore, Karen Carpenter, Bruce Willies SHAQ! P.... I.....S....C...E....S FUCK YEA, PISCES P.... I.....S....C...E....S FUCK YEA, PISCES QUEEN LATIFAH, QUEEN LATIFAH, QUEEN LATIFAH, QUEEN LATIFAH, QUEEN LATIFAH SHAQ!
Aries 01:31
Lucy Lawless, she's so flawless, she's not ball-less But you know she's the walrus Wait a minute, I don't get it She isn't human, I just wish she'd admit it There's no comparies to this Aries Wait, nevermind cuz oh yeah Mariah Careyyy.... EeeeeeEEEEE Cuz I can't even think about her without fallin over in my chair Her aura is a lovely color I think that we would make a good pair She's my #1 She's my smiling sun And I'd like to go on a boat with her sometime She's my #1 She's my smiling sun And I'd like to go on a boat with her sometime I'd so totes go on a boat with her I'd like to go on a boat with her sometimeeeeeee ayeee
Taurus 02:03
7'4", 500 pounds Can't get through the door, can't fit in the bathroom I don't wanna be big in Japan anymore The 156 beers that I drank last night just might get me through Plus the 16 bottles of wine I'm gonna drink before I get on the flight Does anybody want a peanut? TyranoTaurus This is the chorus about the biggest ever Taurus No, not Kobe Bryant Oh girl, it's Andre the Giant I'm gonna set off a riot next time I watch Princess Bride, oh yeah
Gemini 02:24
Geminis you're all friends of mine When I try to say goodbye, I choke and everytime I die And I love Jewel, she's so grool And then there's Paula Abdul Can we all just go and just hang by the pool And there's always something more to them that I don't understand Why won't Stevie Nicks respond to my fan mail or be in my band I had a dream that Courtney Cox and me went to the sea and shared our feelings She rolled a huge joint and then she passed it onto me Oh what a dream, just Courtney and me She went and turned on the Stereo and put on Jagged Little Pill And said you'll get way higher of Alanis than cannabis I'll show you, oh I will Geminis like Cristy Road ayeeayeeeayeee When I try to say goodbye, I choke and everytime I die Wish I was courtin Natalie Portman At a beach resort, oh man With Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen And if Stevie Nicks would call me sometime that would be alright We could go have a picnic in the park or maybe even fly a kite
Cancer 01:25
All you need is Courtney Love Those Cancer babes are totes sent from above Like Jane Lynch, great comedienne And Josh Hartnett is such a 10 And I don't know what he's done to me Do you even know what he's done to me And I don;t even know what's my sexuality My sexuality 30 Days of Night was rad Except when vampires died, that was sad Alaska sucks, but I don't care For Josh Hartnett I'd totes move there
Leo 01:39
I love the Leos, yeah Sandra Bullock's killing it time and again Miss Congeniality's more than a movie, yeah its my best friend And fuck that fuckin movie you were gonna rent Cuz I'm so fucking getting Flubber again You wanna know why For Marcia Gay Harden Gillian Anderson's a flaming star that's hotter than the sun My particular favorite time is when she wears that latex on her buns I wanna go out with Amelia Earhart and go get lost in that big wet ocean My baby knows Leos are #1
Virgo 02:24
I love Shania, what a gorgeous name If we got married I'd so fucking be Kate Twain I'm not superstitious, okay that is a lie When a black cat crossed my path I knew just the reason why Cuz I've been sendin my good intentions And when I meet her I know I'm gonna cry I went out on a starry night and wished that we could be together And the full moon was so bright With her photo underneath its light I went and asked the universe to go and make everything right Virgos respond to witchkraft Just go ask William Howard Taft I think I know what the aftermath of my spell will be Let's stop pretending, I know our ending So just stop looking cuz you know I'm your guy
Libra 02:07
This is a song for all the lovely lovely libras I've met and all the ones I see only in dreams and on TV I just wanna hang with you and probably lots of cats too so lets go to the cat cafe and sip on the catnip tea and I love Avril Lavigne like I love nicotine but October 15th is just the best day to be born I'm so glad you were born Happy birthday to us, I'm gonna buy a bitchin birthday party bus and we could fill it full of cats and libras you know like Hillary Duff We could go and check out the mall and deliberate Hot Topic's rise and fall and you know just whatever typical Libra stuff, Libra stuff you better brace yourself cuz our birthday is comin up We Libras need our me time but we're generous with our free time We do a lot for those we really care about We are usually productive and we're naturally seductive If we like you we can likely get you to like us too Just like Eminem we love all our friends and we'll chase them and our dreams down narrow paths with countless bends
Scorpio 01:24
I've got a crush on a scorpio Leo DiCaprio, Hillary Clintono, Sylvia Plath Piper Perabo, and Picasso, Whoopi Goldberg makes me laugh I love a good scorpio, they're passionately alive Mysterious and emotional, is Winona bi? Winonaaa Ryderrrrrr Winonaaa Ryderrrrrr Winonaaa Ryderrrrrr I am utterly alone, I am utterly alone By the time you read this I will be gone Having plummeted off the winter river bridgeeeeeee
Sagittarius 01:55
Honey wake up, Anna greet the day Anna, honey, you gotta wake up, greet the day That's it I've had it Anna, hurry up Anna hurry up Anna hurry up I don't want my maid of honor looking like a little harlot You know what, end of discussion Enough, let's not do this now please And oh look, it's Stacy Hinkhouse Hi Stacy Goodbye honey, make good choices Make good choices Make good choices I don't want my maid of honor looking like a little harlot A journey soon begins Its prize reflected in another eyes When what you see is what you lack Then only selfless love will change you back


Starry Nights is the brainchild of Kate Kane, guitarist of Lipstick Homicide. Originally conceived as an acoustic outlet for songs Kate wrote that didn’t quite seem to fit the Lipstick mold, Starry Nights has blossomed into a full band rounded out by members of Rational Anthem, The Ills, and Hott. Their first full length, Star Signs, is an in-your-face pop punk tour de force of a concept album. Each song examines a different sign of the zodiac, often through the irreverent lens of celebrity. Methodically recorded in a barn situated in the Iowa countryside by the masterful ear of Luke Tweedy, the album blazes through twelve tracks in twenty-three minutes and leaves you wishing the zodiac had a few more signs. The lead single, Libra, features a guest appearance from Joe Jack Talcum of The Dead Milkmen and has enjoyed dozens of plays on bandcamp.


released February 24, 2017

Kate Kane on guitar/lead vocals
Molly Enochson on bass/vocals
Noelle Stolp on lead guitar/vocals
Jeff Keyser on drums

Joe Jack Talcum sings on Libra
Jordan Moon Adams sings on Leo
Coolzey sings on Virgo

Recorded at Flat Black Studios by Luke Tweedy
Mastered by Luke McNeill
Cover art by Cristy Road
Design by Joe Heuermann


all rights reserved



Public School Records Fairfield, Iowa

Independent record label. Hip-hop, pop punk, alt rock, and indie pop from artists like Coolzey, Lipstick Homicide, Bru Lei, and Belly Belt. Jason lives in Iowa. Zach lives in Los Angeles.

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